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    EURUSD Long running and GOLD longs hit targets: April returns +3.5%

    It has been a buzy trading monday. Trades have been mostly against the dominant trend in March. We dont ask why a trend is happening. We simply trade it.

    The System went long EURUSD at 1.1252 and it is still running.

    gold longs

    BREAKOUT GOLD TRade: Overall Returns cross +100% for first time: April returns +3.5%

    Brand new GOLD trade at 1286. THe trade is on your respective MT4.

    Latest performance as returns climb.

    April returns +3.5%. Overall returns cross 100% for first time. Tremendous steady progress and returns.

    EURUSD SCALP hits targets: April returns nearing +1%, overall +98%

    EURUSD longs taken at 1.1248 hit targets. It was a scalp long and not a breakout move. The FXCOT system has two different trading strategies. One is SCALPING and second is BREAKOUT. They are explained here

    See the quick trade on EURUSD. Done in two bars. ...

    FXCOT Trading system starts to rise in April: March Returns +38% and Feb returns +21%

    FXCOT system has already started trading for the new months with returns added. A brand new BREAKOUT trade is running. Its not reflected below.

    There was a SHORT EURUSD at 1.1211 which hit targets and there was a Long GBPUSD @ 1.3132 hits targets.

    New Trades coming GBPUSD: Italian crisis to the fore while Turkish economy implodes

    Telegraph reports that ITALY may be starting spiral in increasingly deflationary and out of control public debt.

    Italy may be teetering on the brink of a “perma-recession” that will see its public debt spiral out of control and bring the future of the single currency into question.

    The eurozone’s third-largest economy will see its GDP “flat-line ...

    Dollar push higher but USDJPY stopped out: March returns +37.5%

    Bloomberg reported in Nov 2018 that trading is unrelentingly moving to automated trading. While it was quite famous across equities, it has now made its presence felt in forex and bond markets. Our system operates in the world of forex. Its one of the longest standing trading system running in the world. It made over ...

    Massive Trading Day: +10% return added; March returns +31%, +4875 PIPS

    One of the most profitable trading days of the year. It added 10% return as GBPUSD fell thur 1.3159 and EURUSD fell thru 1.1250 and finally the big one GOLD fell thru 1303. All these trades were taken by the trading system. in fact even before the gold trade was taken we had already indicated ...

    FXCOT trading system rips higher with GBPUSD shorts and GOLD shorts and EURUSD SHorts hitting targets

    Today has been very active for the fxcot system.As dollar breaks out, the system has been piling on the SCALPING and BREAKOUT Trades .

    See GOLD Shorts
    See EURUSD Shorts
    See GBPUSD Shorts.
    See USDJPY Longs

    See the trades today. Its ...

    Latest GOLD trade hits targets: March returns +26.02%

    We have bee suggesting the GOLD trade and we have a second trade which the system took and closed in minutes. Added good returns.

    GOLD trade shown on your MT4.

    FXCOT performance trading system

    The latest trade is the ...

    GOLD Trade from 1315: March Returns brilliant at +24.59%

    Yesterday we had recommended the SHORT GOLD manual trade for clients.

    It is time to update the analysis.

    As indicated, GOLD once it broke 1317 has continued its downward journey.

    Gold long term charts indicate the severe downward pressures piling up.