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The week has started and will be expected to be a buzy week of trading. The FXCOT trading system has doone a tremendous job in 2018 returning nearly 140% return in the space of 12 months. The fxcot system has been highly profitable over the years.

Even as 2019 has begun, the system has been buzy scalping and also catching volatile trend moves. On 2 Jan the flash crash across asset classes was caught by fxcot and it made money out of the move. See below the USDJPY trade taken at 107.7 and closed t 106.8. The trade copier takes out guesswork and imagination from trading. Clear risk management and partial closures make the FXCOT system as the most cutting edge trade copier avaiable in the market. The resuls speak for themselves.

The 2018 year saw over 140% return added on client account. This is against 12% average for US mutual funds. The best of hedge fund have struggled to make even 25%. The FXCOT system has made over +140%. See the summary below.

In 2019, things have become very well. USDJPY trade was well caught to make over +100 pips and January has already added over 2%. Trading is underway.

Economy Updates

U. S. employers added jobs at a strong pace in December. Wages posted their biggest full-year gain in a decade. This is against the backdrop of a falling stock markets weighed down by Tariffs and political tensions. However, stock prices rose on the economic news, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing Friday with a 3.3% gain. Last year, U.S. stocks in 2018 saw their worst yearly losses in a decade, and the Dow closed Thursday almost 16% below its September peak. Just this week, Apple Inc., citing economic problems in China, jolted investors by downgrading revenue-growth estimates. That reinforced fears that U.S. companies are only beginning to feel the impact of the trade dispute. Nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 312,000 in December, the Labor Department said Friday. That compared with the average gain of 215,000 a month over the previous five years. Average hourly earnings rose 3.2% in 2018, their biggest full-year gain of the expansion. The unemployment rate ticked up to 3.9% in December from 3.7% but remains low by historical standards.

Over the past 10 years, the value of financial assets held by U.S. households has increased from roughly 3.4 times to roughly 4.4 times the size of the U.S. economy, according to Mr. LaVorgna, chief economist for the Americas at Natixis.

The value of Americans’ financial assets—such as stocks, bonds and savings accounts—is at a record relative to the size of the economy, research from investment bank Natixis shows. That could mean the fate of the U.S. economy has never been more tethered to that of Wall Street, said economist Joseph LaVorgna—adding to the drama of each swing in the stock market and putting more pressure on Fed officials to consider market conditions when setting interest-rate policy.

We carry detailed updates on dollar index. Dollar is at decision point. A 50 pip move will decide the future trends. Login below to read the full report. We carry detailed analysis on the Friday Jobs report in the US. More trading setips on SPY, Natural Gas, GOLD, EURUSD, USDJPY and AUDUSD are provided below.

Tonnes of charts and setups and research below. Only visible to trade copier clients.

Our premium research is provided for all Trade Copier client of Open a account here: New Account Application. If you are a member, please login here Members Login.

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Once the account is open, please forward us the details of the MT4 terminal and the fxcot trades will start to apper on your account, You can email us anytime to stop the trades. Each trade is protected via stops.

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