Long EURUSD BREAKOUT trade post FOMC: January return +16.69%

The FXCOT automatically took long trades on EURUSD post FOMC. No discussion and no imagination and dreaming. Just plain simple trends. Once prices clipped 1.1488, the system took longs and since then has been closing at regular intervals.

The power of the system lies in its ability to do partial closures at pre determined intervals. No guess work and manual intervention. The system has a long history of trading since 2010 on FIX enabled system.

This specific trade is the BREAKOUT EURUSD trade. The FXCOT has a BREAKOUT system and a SCALPING SYSTEM. This trade is a BREAKOUT which can run for many hundred of pips. But prices retrace, then BREAKOUT will close trades at breakeven. We are still in the Long EURUSD but half of it is closed in good profits adding +1.5%. But just in case EURUSD continues higher, more will be closed in even more profits. Stops now stand at breakeven.

No one knows where prices are going and hence its best to trade with a trading system which has seen it all since 2010 and continues to rake up profits for clients.

January returns climb to +15.1% (not accounting for open profits )

The trade shows how the trade was taken on the MT4 account of clients. As prices climbed, trades were closed.

Performance: +16.99% for January

We do maintain a myfxbook for illustration purpose but our trading happens on a FIX account. However we do copy our trades to MT4 accounts for retail clients.

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