Dollar Long Trades add to Fxcot returns: February returns +7.33%

The system is making steady progress into February as returns have nicely climbed. The system has made a minimum of +7.33%. It is the minimum that clients have made because almost majority of clients are running the system at much higher exposure.

See the myfxbook summary from one of our clients running at 1x.

The February returns are visible in months column and shows +7.33%.
Summary Pairs

The Summary of trade pairs is shown above.

Recent Trades taken today and yesterday

Some very good trades were taken and mostly scalpers. But there was also a breakout trade in USDJPY taken at 110.08 The system closed it at 110.6 when prices slowed down.Recently it took a EURUSD short at 1.1260 and took profits at 1.1247 and then breakeven at 1.1260.

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The free trial is only running for a limited time so the system can prove it to you that it is the best in business. However this system has been running now from November so the free trial end date is approaching. Get on it if you like to connect your account to ours.


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