FXCOT February returns +21.8%, March starts +0.8%: USDJPY BREAKOUT Trade @ 111.23


The GOLD trade was a clear breakdown at 1321.5. The trade was taken but then closed as it retraced. The System does not think if it will fall or rise. If it finds retracement in a BREAKOUT to levels near its entry, then to protect profits, it will get out. Its a fully automated system so no chance of intervention by us. Of course we could ask the question, the prices ultimately fell to 1313 so it would be better of holding it. But that would require the system to allow prices to come above its entry at 1321.5 and thus a profitable trade will become loss making. It is not programmed to allow a profitable trade become loss making. In this particular case, prices ultimately fell to 1313. So that is something the system is fine with.


USDJPY unlike GOLD presented an excellent BREAKOUT at 111.23. It first broke away at 110.92 and the system made good closures between 1110.97 to 111.23. A day later USDJPY again broke above 111.23 and that BREAKOUT is a clean one and still continuing at the point of writing. See how the trade got in and then did partial closures to 111.75.
There are many such trades. Some are scalping and some are breakouts. The system has run on all markets since 2010 so it has seen a lot. We believe this is a system that could make tremendous wealth for our retail clients.

Performance has summarized for Feb

Overall the month has been even more profitable than January. It was a short month on calendar but it made +21.8% return. That is more than 1% a trading-day. Exceptional trading. All this while EURUSD still has not shown any clear signs of which way it wants to swing. Even while dollar index is in a tight range the system has made a huge return. Trust me when I say this: You need to see this system when actual trends happen. When a real BREAKOUT happens in a pair and it goes on for 200 pips. This system has been known to make even 50% return in one single week. Refer back in 2016. All in all this is going to be a huge year for this system. We expect to make 300% this year as said back in December 2018. We are already +40% there. Let me know if you want to join the journey.

Risk Management
All trades have stops and targets. Well protected. Trailing stops protect SCALPING trades while partial closures happen on BREAKOUT trades. Top risks management module is working in the system. It is unlikely you will see any major losse at all. Never happened before. However there can differences in returns due to different execution prices that can happen on cause of slippages but that is a risk in forex markets.

The year performance is shown above. The year 2019 is already up +39%. February account for +21.8%. March has already started with +0.84% return. Great numbers all around. Further break down below.

The feb returns of +21% has been further divided into specific pairs. The returns have been well spread across pairs. The risk reward has been very good. This is due to the usage of trailing stops which kick in once a certain threshold profit is achieved.

Myfxbook Main account

We run our systems on FIX-API. However we do run a reference myfxbook account for benefit of clients.

To start this new month with us: Please open a NEW MT4 ACCOUNT and email us teamcot@fxcot.com

If you need to chat on Skype, please email us above and we will send you request. However to not waste time, we chat with clients who have opened a MT4 account and ready to trade.

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