How to start
You can start right away by opening an account here:

This will help you open a brand new MT4 account on the same internet (ONENET) with our server thus ensuring 1 ms latency.
If you need to trade over usd 100k, we suggest you open a FIX-API account which helps direct connectivity to Liquidity provides (LPs). We can help you open one. Please email us. For regular clients, you can trade on a MT4 account opened on the link above. Once opened, please fund it and email us for next steps. Please email us at and we will guide you to setup. Once all setup, you will receive our trades.
We do not charge any fixed fee. We charge a small profit share that is after full scale trial spanning over many weeks and months till clients are fully satisfied.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. We will connect and run the system for a good number of weeks and then once we both agree that things are fine, you can continue indefinitely. As the system can only work if we can ensure tight and low latency to broker server, we require all clients to run their account on a trial basis.

I cannot see your reply in mail box?
Please check your spam folder if you do not see our reply in less than 12 hrs. Mark us out of spam and you will see our replies in your inbox.

Is it a GRID system?
This is a query we often get from clients who want to start. Let us assure you that the fxcot system is NOT a GRID OR MARTINGALE system. Every single trade has a clearly defined stop which is anywhere between 35 pips to 5 pips. As a pair moves into a profit, trailing stops kick in and protect profits. The system overall has a very high winrate at 82% and a overall DD from over 8 years at 20%.

So from the very first trade you get in your account, you will realize that every trade is has carefully adjusted stops which move down to protect stops as we go along. stops are never ever widened. No trade is kept for long and no position is increased in size from initial position lots. It is a phenomenal system unlike any you have seen ever before.

Can i get the MT4 history account statement of trades ?
Yes. Please request here

Can we use any broker for this system?
Unfortunately no. Because this system has a element of scalping as the second strategy, we require very fast and optimal connection to avoid slippages. We require all clients to be on our broker ONLY. We cannot optimize the server settings for all brokers. We hope you understand that this is for your safety and performance. We host our system with one of the world top forex brokers who offers super low spreads and excellent execution even on a late friday. We have been able to optimise server connection to a latency of under 3 ms which means the system can avoid slippage to a great extent.

Any other fee?

No. There is no fee to start the trial period. There is no fixed fee after the trial ends either. However once you decide to continue the copier after trial ends, we will charge a nominal profit share from profits only on high water mark basis. Again the idea is not to charge a lot of money in as short a time, but it is make clients money so they can pay a small fee from their profits without hurting themselves. We do not charge a upfront fee.

Can we discontinue at any time?
Absolutely. One of the advantages of a trade copier, is that the full control of capital lies in your hands. You can change password to your MT4 any time to block new trades.

What platform do you need to run FXCOT system?
This system works only on MT4 terminal. Please email us at and we will guide to the broker that works best with our trading system. You can also fill the form here: Contact Us

What kind of pairs does the system work on ?

Explain the trading system
Please see here

How do I get at started
First step is email us at and we will guide you to the broker we use for our trades. You need to have an account with them to take our trades. Once you have opened the account, send us the details of MT4 terminal and we will connect the trading system.

Can I take my own trades along with your trades?
Yes you can trade on your own as well. Our system idenitifes its own trades via magiv number

Will this system work in all market?
Yes it is a rigourously tested system which has seen all market conditions. The history of trades show that there has never been a big dd of above 19%. So very stable and designed for both trending and non trending markets. It is because of our confidence in our system that we keep the system free for trading by clients so that once they see its real performance, they can be our long term clients. We are here for the long term.