Trading strategy

The fxcot trade copier is working on a rigorously tested algorithm from 2010 to 2018. The system is robust and well tuned for different market conditions.

The trading system is a complex amalgamation of three different strategies.

1. Breakout:

The system is monitoring the the 5 min and the 15 min charts for breakouts in price action. As prices breakout, the system scales in and adds as profits increase. However if the breakout is not valid and pries dip back, the stops will ensure the losses are contained. For 20% of time, forex markets can trend powerfully and when these trends are correctly caught, they provide the most profitable trading opportunities. Many bank traders take off on holidays if they can catch even 10% of the trends of a year. The Fxcot system is able to catch the trends in EURUSD and USDJPY.
See an example below:

This is an example of a BREAKOUT trade. There is no emotion or any questioning of why a price action has happened. At predetermined prices, the system kics in and takes trades. It went long eurusd at 1.1482 and kept closing at regular intervals as prices moved into good profits. Stops were trailing the price action to protect profits. All of it is automated but monitored by us.

2. Scalping
This is where Fxcot trading system leaves all other systems behind. If the BREAKOUT above is able to bring in the big money, the SCALPING strategy ensures pips are added whenever there is dislocation in forex ranges. It is a well known fact that when markets are not trending, they are in a tight range. When those ranges are broken, prices will often reverse to its mean. The system is tracking for any spikes around news and data and it scalpis quick pips during this time. It is vital that client server has a fast latency to broker servers. We will guide you on how to achieve this and hence each client is provided a custom made package. Clients cannot simply download a ea and run it on their Mt4 because we need to ensure that time latency to broker server is less than 4 seconds.
Example scalp

3. Volatility
The third aspect of the trading system is that the system is able to take advantage of sharp rise in volatility. There may be rare moments when prices move 100 pips in 5 minutes. These moves are not chance moves and can often lead to huge moves as markets reprice events. No normal system can catch these moves. But the Fxcot system is able to monitor volatility and climb into those moves with judicious usage of stops.

4. Trends

There are strong continuing trends in forex markets. This system can take advantage of these trends by getting in and out. It gets in on minor retracement in a strong trend and then gets out as the trend hits previous extremes.

As you can see the Fxcot trade copier is a complete trading system which is monitored 24/5 by us. We ensure each clients terminal has fast connection.

Please reach out to us at to start the trading system

CEO , Fxcot